Dan #3

After supper, I was yanked out of my tent and brought to Lieutenant Roberts’ tent. As I stoodbefore him he told me that I stole the governors dog, deserted my post, and disobeyed orders.

Absolute rubbish. He also tells me he has no other choice but to flog me in the morning. He had to send

me back to my tent to sleep.


In the morning, Goodwin and I went to the tree in the bush where I was to get flogged. Goodwin

already started to build the triangle when Waruwi appeared. As I approach her, Goodwin tells me I

am already in trouble, but I ignore him.Waruwi opens the basket she was holding, and shows

me what’s inside. A puppy!


While the captain blabs on about what have done I sneakily put the puppy in my coat. Then I tell

Roberts that I did not steal the governor’s dog, and that I returned it to it’s  rightful owner. Then

before he can blab more I present him the puppy. Goodwin tells him that it is a better hunting

dog and he finally agrees. Mission accomplished.

100 WC T3W6

Today, you won’t guess what mess I got into. Right as you are reading this, I am floating on a iceberg in the middle of the Antarctic Ocean. Let’s see how we got here. I was lying on a iceberg near shore when I fell asleep. I was tired from pulling pranks on my brother Tom. He wanted to get me back for my tricks, and that was when he saw me. Gently, to not wake me up, Tom gently pushed the iceberg out to sea. I hope he is in trouble, he deserves it. Now, to pass the time, I am going back to sleep.


This is the picture we based our writing on.

Dan #2

Today, I tried to teach Lauther how to fetch. Lieutenant Roberts caught me and told me to tie Lauther up. After, I tied lauther up, I went to Goodwin, and he told me that taking the dog wasn’t stealing, and the governor wanted a dog, so the governor gets one. I told him that the governor said we had to compensate with the natives, but he didn’t listen, so I walked off. I needed to get some things to make up to  Waruwi.


In my tent I looked over my most precious things, they were my lose button, a needle and thread, and one dice, which I stole, they weren’t enough. I went  to the cook and told him I needed dripping rub for my boots. He tells me I will be eating my own boots if we waste food. While he was cooking, I took a bag of dried berries and threw them behind me. He asks me to take Roberts’ rations to him. When I get to him he told  me to put it in his bag. He also hands his precious telescope which he was looking through. However, instead of putting  it in his bag as well, I sneakily slip it into my satchel.


Roberts decided to march to the point with the marines, so I handed him his bag. While  I drummed the marines out, my mind spins with ways of getting the things to Waruwi.

Dan – 1788

Today I was wearing my best coat when the Captain asked me about the dog. He said he wanted to get it, because apparently, a governor needs a dog. I tried to stop him, but it was no use. Waruwi’s dog Lauther, was gone for good.


While we were walking the captain told me he heard something like a growl. I, on the other hand, didn’t hear any thing. He told me to go the other way. This was my chance to warn Waruwi. I sprinted into the bush, ferns, and plants, scraped against my face, myself, struggling to see ahead.


At last I stumbled to the tree where Waruwi lived.  I called for her, but she didn’t come out. Lauther, her dog came to my side and nuzzled my hand. Then, PLOP! Waruwi jumped out of the tree. I told her she needed to hide with Lauther. She laughed. Why wasn’t she taking it seriously? Then the men came out.


The men thought I had caught the dog. I had to take it with me. When we got back to camp I told Lauther not to run away, then BOOF! A rock, and another one! We left our post and hid. Soon it stopped and it was Waruwi. She needs to stay out of trouble.

Complex Sentences

We have been looking at complex sentences in class. A complex sentence is a sentence that has a dependent clause as well as a main clause. A main clause on its own is called a simple sentence.


We were given the following simple sentences based on the image below and I have turned them into complex sentences (with the dependent clause in italics.)




The men sat at the table. Exhausted, the men sat at the table.
The men wore red coats. In order to look good, the men wore red coats.
The men were feeling tired. The men, who were exhausted from work, were feeling tired.
The table was piled high with food. As a reward for their hard work, the table was piled high with food.
The weather was very hot today. After several days of rain, the weather was very hot today.






Elizabeth Haywood-Convict Child

My name is Elizabeth Haywood, I am 13. We all know  13 is the unlucky number, and this sure was unlucky for me. Last year I had an apprenticeship for shoemaking, but I barley got paid anything. This meant I had to turn to stealing to sell things and survive. One day, sneakily I stole a bonnet and a shawl. Soon,I got caught and my sentence was 7 years in New South Whales.

The boat ride was really terrible. It took over 6 months. I was riding on the Charlotte, with over 700 other prisoners. After a while, we stopped in Rio de Janeiro, it was hot and humid. We also stopped in the cape of good hopes. By this point about 15 people had died. Days went on, endless with staring into space. After 2 more months, we got to a place called Sydney Cove.

We were put in groups to work in.  I worked as a wool spinner with some other children. Days were long and hard. At night I scoff my food and go to bed. This pattern repeats over and over. Once or twice a minute, I hear screaming from the sound of soldiers beating prisoners. Every night, I think about life back in London. Now in New South Whales, I think that my life is better here.

We are put to work, but we have shelter, and 2 or sometimes 3 meals a day, but that’s all we need. I will be 20 when my sentence is over but I might stay here.

The link to the video we based this on is here.

…but when I looked behind me…

New school. Wow, look at this place! It’s massive. On second thoughts maybe I don’t want to go to school. I turn around to go back to my mums car, but when I looked behind me, she was gone. Okay Rose, you are going to have to do this. Lots of new faces staring at me. The bell rings. I walk into the classroom and a girl sits next to me. ‘I’m Ivy.’ She said. ‘Mr Jones asked me to be your buddy.’ ‘Okay.’ I said awkwardly. ‘What is your hobby?’ She asked. ‘Skate boarding.’ ‘Mine too!’ Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.


The link to our class blog is here.

100WC T3W4

Whoa! Look that ship just toppled over! Are they cars? My kayak rocks back and forth as cars make waves as they fall into the water.  Wait is that a dog? It must have been on the ship! Let’s help it it of the water. “Hey doggy! Where’s your owner?” I say as I pull him up. He looks like a border collie. I’m going to take him to land. When we get their I get into my car, but the dog follows me. “Go find your owner,” I say, as the dog tries to leap into the car. ‘‘Oh fine then, lets go.”

This dude is having a bad day!

The link to our class blog is here.

My Place – 1788

After a while, of trudging around in the hot bush, I got terribly bored. All of a sudden, I had an idea. Happily, I turned around to Burani, who was also feeling under the weather.

“I know how to get Mung back!” I said excitedly. Mung had been gone for a few days now.

“Okay, what?” Asked Burani gloomily.

“We can throw a feast, but we can dance too!” This idea obviously had a good impact on Burani because his frown turned into a smile. “ I’ll catch the fish!’ He said. “No I will.” I replied.

“I’m better with a spear.” “Let’s do a dance off then. So that’s what we did.

I started first. My first impression was of a emu. Guessed easily. Then I was a snake by clasping my hands over my head and slithering around. Also, guessed. Lastly I was a wallaby by hopping around and use my hands as twitching ears. BAM! Guessed. Now it was Burani’s turn.

At first he flapped his wings like a bird, but what bird. Then, I have no idea what he was. “So, who wants to vote for me?” He said as he glared at the boys. “Me!” Said one “ go Burani!” Said the other.

“ You lose Barangaroo!” “ as leader I am proud to announce that we will go fishing while Barangaroo looks after mung.” Said Burani.  They all ran into the bush whooping and cheering. No fair, I had won! Oh just you wait Burani!