Dan – 1788

Today I was wearing my best coat when the Captain asked me about the dog. He said he wanted to get it, because apparently, a governor needs a dog. I tried to stop him, but it was no use. Waruwi’s dog Lauther, was gone for good.


While we were walking the captain told me he heard something like a growl. I, on the other hand, didn’t hear any thing. He told me to go the other way. This was my chance to warn Waruwi. I sprinted into the bush, ferns, and plants, scraped against my face, myself, struggling to see ahead.


At last I stumbled to the tree where Waruwi lived.  I called for her, but she didn’t come out. Lauther, her dog came to my side and nuzzled my hand. Then, PLOP! Waruwi jumped out of the tree. I told her she needed to hide with Lauther. She laughed. Why wasn’t she taking it seriously? Then the men came out.


The men thought I had caught the dog. I had to take it with me. When we got back to camp I told Lauther not to run away, then BOOF! A rock, and another one! We left our post and hid. Soon it stopped and it was Waruwi. She needs to stay out of trouble.

One thought on “Dan – 1788

  1. My first star is that the structure is very good, the second star is that I can see what the story is, my wish for you is to not use too much slang words.

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