Dan #3

After supper, I was yanked out of my tent and brought to Lieutenant Roberts’ tent. As I stoodbefore him he told me that I stole the governors dog, deserted my post, and disobeyed orders.

Absolute rubbish. He also tells me he has no other choice but to flog me in the morning. He had to send

me back to my tent to sleep.


In the morning, Goodwin and I went to the tree in the bush where I was to get flogged. Goodwin

already started to build the triangle when Waruwi appeared. As I approach her, Goodwin tells me I

am already in trouble, but I ignore him.Waruwi opens the basket she was holding, and shows

me what’s inside. A puppy!


While the captain blabs on about what have done I sneakily put the puppy in my coat. Then I tell

Roberts that I did not steal the governor’s dog, and that I returned it to it’s  rightful owner. Then

before he can blab more I present him the puppy. Goodwin tells him that it is a better hunting

dog and he finally agrees. Mission accomplished.

…but when I looked behind me…

New school. Wow, look at this place! It’s massive. On second thoughts maybe I don’t want to go to school. I turn around to go back to my mums car, but when I looked behind me, she was gone. Okay Rose, you are going to have to do this. Lots of new faces staring at me. The bell rings. I walk into the classroom and a girl sits next to me. ‘I’m Ivy.’ She said. ‘Mr Jones asked me to be your buddy.’ ‘Okay.’ I said awkwardly. ‘What is your hobby?’ She asked. ‘Skate boarding.’ ‘Mine too!’ Maybe this won’t be so bad after all.


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