There once was a prince named Double,

who was some tremendous trouble,

he jumped on the walls,

but oh no! He falls,

he fell right into a puddle.


There once was a drop of rain,

who fell straight on a window pane.

It went KER-SPLAT!

And got squashed flat,

then fell straight down the drain.



As I jumped into the crashing waves,

and came out of my hiding cave,

I lean and fall,

and scream and fall,

I shouldn’t have been so brave.


One thought on “Limericks

  1. Hi rose,
    I really like your limerick poems that you have above
    Especially the first one I really liked all of them though
    I just thought that maybe you could have included less poems
    Because people only want to read so much
    But other that that you did really well

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